Reveal the Hidden Picture Games

These quizzes are great for practising numbers and expanding vocabulary. I have learners take it in turns to reveal a square, after which they get one guess at identifying the picture.

Create your own hidden picture quiz.

Paris  Tokyo  London  Istanbul  New York  Cairo  Barcelona  Sidney 

Submarine  Watch  Bicycle Wheel  Mouse 

Sea Life
Dolphin  Crab  Octopus  Jellyfish 

Hippo  Owl  Parrot  Frog 

Famous People
Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson  Emma Watson  Elon Musk  Rhianna  Christian Ronaldo  Greta Thunberg  Barack Obama  Serena Williams  Bill Gates  Taylor Swift  Prince William  Selena Gomez  Vladimir Putin  Lucy Liu  Tom Hanks 

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