Sounds from around the Home

How many of these sounds from around the home do you recognise? The answers are at the bottom of the page. There is also a slideshow version of this quiz.

See how to play for ideas on how to run the quiz and resources for making your own guess the sound quiz.

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Sound 2
Sound 3
Sound 4
Sound 5
Sound 6
Sound 7
Sound 8
Sound 9
Sound 10
Sound 11
Sound 12
Sound 13
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Sound 15

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Quiz Answers

  1. a vacuum cleaner
  2. ice in a glass
  3. frying eggs
  4. spreading butter on toast
  5. a microwave oven
  6. unlocking a door
  7. a toilet flushing
  8. stirring a drink
  9. a hair dryer
  10. drawing the curtains
  11. sharpening a knife
  12. chopping vegetables
  13. opening a tin
  14. sweeping the floor
  15. a sewing machine