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Online English Exercises


Present Simple: to be (sentence match)
Adjective or Adverb (multiple choice)
Adjectives with 'ed' and 'ing' (multiple choice)
Adjective Order (scrambled sentences)
Present Simple 1 (gap fill)
Past Simple 1 (gap fill)
Present Perfect or Past Simple 1 (gap fill)
Present Perfect (Continuous) with Since or For (gap fill)
Questions with Prepositions (scrambled sentences)
Tag Questions (gap fill)
Verbs with Gerund or Infinitive 1 (multiple choice)
Verbs with Gerund or Infinitive 2 (multiple choice)
First Conditional: superstitions (sentence match)

Commonly Confused Words

If & When (multiple choice)
Borrow & Lend (multiple choice)
Look, See and Watch (multiple choice)
Rise, Raise, Fall & Lower (multiple choice)

Idioms, expressions and collocations

Idioms with 'mind' (scrambled sentences)


Gradable and ungradable adjectives 1 (word match)