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Rise,fall, raise, and lower

For each of the sentences below, decide whether to use rise, fall, raise or lower.

Rise and fall are opposites. They describe what an object or value does, for example, prices, temperatures and ballons can rise and fall. Their verb forms are:

rise / rose / risen --- fall / fell / fallen

Raise and lower are opposites. They described an action made to an object or value, for example a person can raise prices or raise the temperature. Their verb forms are;

raise / raised / raised --- lower / lowered / lowered

1The stock price more than 200% since last week's news.  
2Because of the coffee shortage, we will have to our prices for a short time.  
3We are money to help renovate the local school. 
4The cost of healthcare is still .    
5The sun in the East and sets in the West. 
6 Let's a glass to absent friends.  
7Energy consumption has 8% this year.  
8Rents are , as more people are moving away from the city 
9 Please, can you your voice? The baby is sleeping.  
10 The speed limit on this road has been from 40 to 30.