Present Perfect (Continuous) with Since or For

Complete the following sentences using since or for.

Remember, for is used to indicate a span or block of time, for example a moment, 10 minutes, 20 years, the whole day.

On the other hand, since is used to indicate what happened after a point in time, for example since 10am, since I was a child, since the war.

1 I have been waiting for the postman 8 o'clock.    
2 I haven't seen him ages.    
3 I haven't been there more than 10 years.    
4 I've felt a lot healthier I started going to the gym.    
5 I've been trying to call him half an hour, but there's no answer.    
6 I haven't seen my favourite auntie more than ten years.    
7 I've been a vegetarian I saw a documentary about meat production.    
8 I last saw you, I've got married and changed jobs.   
9 People have kept pets thousands of years.    
10 It hasn't stopped raining last week.