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LearnHip is a collection of entertaining interactive games, puzzles, activities and exercises aimed at learning and teaching online.

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Conversation Questions

I find the random questions generator particularly helpful as a warm-up or filler exercise.

Themed Conversation Questions
Random Conversation Question Generator

Scrambled Sentences

I like using these as a warmer. Think of a couple of questions and scramble them. After the learner’s have unscrambled them, they can ask each other the questions. Obviously, they are also great for practising word order for example in conditional sentences, adjective order, etc.

Story Cards

These are random picture prompts which learners can use as a basis for creating short stories and anecdotes.

Online Scatter Sheet Maker

Scatter Sheets are a great way to review vocabulary while practising the very useful skill of talking round a word. Create your own online Scatter Sheet or use one of the pre-rolled vocabulary lists. See the post on Scatter Sheets [eslgames.com] for more information.

Grammar and Vocabulary Photosets

These photo slideshows can be used to illustrate and test specific vocabulary or grammar points.

Guess the Sound

Try these guess the sound quizzes with your online classes. If you have problems sharing the audio you can send a link to the slideshow and have learners do the quiz at their own pace, or even for homework.

Random Idioms and Sayings

A deck of random English idioms and sayings. Can learners guess or work out the meaning of the idiom, and do they know any similar idioms in their own language. Works well as a warmer / filler.

What Happens Next?

Use this web app for practising describing a situation and predicting what will happen next. Students watch the short clip and describe what the situation is, then try to guess what happens next.


Want to play the fortune-telling game without cutting up all those bits of paper? Then use this web app with your phone or tablet. Students tell the fortunes of their classmates by casting runes. This app was designed to practice using the going to form of the future.

Phrasal Verb Match-Up

Get students familiar with phrasal verbs with Phrasal Verb Match Up. Students are presented with random combinations of verbs and prepositions and must decide whether they are actual phrasal verbs. More on how to play in this article.


This simple web app is based on the UK game show Countdown. Students choose ten letters and the team who can make the longest word wins.

Describe the (Imaginary) Picture

Students are served up a picture which they must describe to their classmates, however, sometimes instead of a picture the student will see a simple written scene description and must use their imagination to convince the class that they are describing a real picture. See Describe the (Imaginary) Picture[eslgames.com] for instructions on how to play the non-tech version.

Online Board Games

Online versions of the ever popular board games for adding a bit of fun to practising specific grammar points

Technology-Free Ideas

Spelling Test

Spelling tests are a fun activity in an online evironment. Especially if you have a shared chat-area. Prepare a list of five to ten tricky words (possibly thematically related). Students can type the words into the chat area and debate the correct spelling while you give feedback and helpful hints.


Dictation activities work well in an online evironment. For some interesting twists on dictation exercises see ten dictation activities [eslgames.com].

Punctuation Test

Give the names of commonly used punctuation symbols and challenge the learners to enter the correct symbol in the chatbox. Students can also take it in turns to challenge their classmates by typing in a symbol and asking for its name.


Alibi [eslgames.com] is really fun activity for practising past tense use. Students conspire to get their stories straight and then interrogate other pairs to spot the holes in their alibis. This works quite well if your learning platform features breakout rooms.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt [eslgames.com)]can be a fun activity for housebound learners. Give them a list of things which they have to find and then meet up after a set time to see what they have managed to turn up. See this page for examples.

Show and Tell

You can set this task up in advance so learners are already prepared with their object or spontaneously send them off for five minutes to collect the required memento.

Using Online Resources

See Other Resources for more online-teaching ideas using third party websites.