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Activities for Teaching and Learning Online

Interactive games, puzzles, activities and exercises aimed at learning and teaching English and other subjects online.

Conversation Questions

A huge deck of random questions which can also be selected by topic with sets of themed conversation starters. You can also find a random topic generator here which works as a more free-form conversation starter.

Create your own activities

Put together your own shareable online activities. Customisable activities include scrambled sentence puzzles, match the sentence activities, an online boardgame maker, reveal the picture games, custom card decks, multiple choice exercises and scatter sheets.

Shared screen activities

Some of the activities here are designed to be used in screen sharing environments. Scatter sheets is a useful vocabulary review activity. What happens next? invites learners to make predictions using future tenses. Countdown is a make the longest word game. Phrasal verb match-up tests learner's knowledge of compund verbs. Describe the picture is a challenging fluency-focused activity. Online Board games are great for reviewing grammar. Photosets challenge learners to find a suitable grammar structure or vocabulary item based on visual input. Reveal the picture is a guessing game which works well as a warmer or to introduce a topic.

Group activities

Some activities work well in group situations such as breakout-rooms. Story cards gives prompts for learners to work together or alone to create stories which can be presented orally or in writing. Fortune telling is a fun activity for practising future tenses. Guess the sound games are fun aural quizzes.

Activities for self study

As well as a growing number of exercises in the library, there are two experimental pronunciation activities here which use modern browser features to help with pronunciation issues.

Other Resources

See Other Resources for more online-teaching ideas using third party websites.